Traffic Jam Pop Up Exhibition Pieces

I live and have a studio in North Sydney and I paint landscapes, waterways and native plants. My inspiration is the juxtaposition found in nature through contrasting light and contrasting space.

I paint in impasto oils, alla prima with palette knife onto stretched cotton canvas. I explore placing the viewer amidst a dark leafy foreground with glimpses of contrasting bright washed out space beyond reach. I want the viewer to feel immersed in the thick layered foreground close to leaves and bark and I am searching through my palette knife a way to describe a feeling of being stretched and pulled through the leaves and into the space beyond. This natural tussle has me constantly intrigued and always painting.

Traffic Jam On-line Gallery Pieces


The smaller bush flower pieces below are from a series I call Bokeh, a series of 8 x 8 inch, (20 x 20cm) canvases, detailed expressions in palette knifed oil of how I see our Australian wild flowers. Bokeh is the Japanese word used to define a high quality photographic background blur. This series is inspired by tiny points of perfection dotted throughout our native bush and in this series of paintings Bokeh allows us to focus without distraction on tiny details.