JULY 15 until AUGUST 5 2022

Traffic Jam Galleries, 41 Military Rd, Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW Australia + 61 2 9953 3831

We have on our doorstep one of Australia’s most diverse geological wonders of all time, The Sydney Basin. My painting inspiration is one small section by comparison but to me its presence is huge. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park with its beautiful Hawkesbury River backdrop magnifies the intense beauty, heightens the light and compounds the stature of the extraordinarily awesome monolithic ROCKS!

My wish is to place you the viewer amongst such inspiration. Evoking a sense of floating within the tree tops over water below, to then come to ground, as you marvel at the towering lithic structures above you, whilst listening as the rainwater finds a courseway over shale and sandstone. This geology is host to a complex ecologically diverse community of native plants and animals, it is breathtaking and a privilege to walk and draw inspiration from this historic land”. – Miranda Summers