Tamarama Canna Lillies

Is there anything more visually arresting than the vibrant combination of orange and blue? The Canna Lilies of Tamarama possess an exquisite allure. Their tall, elegant stems adorned with delicate frills and crinkles, perfectly complimentary with the blue above. Within this series ‘Bohemian Like You,’ I have been captivated by the journey of the Lily, revealed through every stem, petal and pod, in a variety of colours and states, bold to delicate, vigorous to fragile, pliable to brittle. These Lilies have become a profound symbol, reflecting the broader theme of embracing mortality while remaining true to one’s purpose. They inspire me to focus on my aspirations, live and love in a purposeful life.

Miranda paints on canvas with oil and painting knife. Her artistic approach utilises negative and positive space to create an interplay between foreground and perceived distance. The challenge is to simplify the mark, reduce spatial distance and invite the viewer to engage with the present moment.